Commercial Real Estate is a Numbers Game!

In the world of Commercial Real Estate, it’s all about the numbers- interest rates, closing costs, and timing. Rates are great and with $0 closing costs, NOW IS THE TIME. Apply for a new BankFinancial Multifamily Commercial Mortgage and pay $0 closing costs when you close before 4/15/19.* Whether you’re looking to add another property to your investment portfolio or need to refinance your existing loan to lock in a lower rate, or simply need extra cash- now, is the perfect time.

BankFinancial's Multifamily Portfolio Loan Program

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*Get $3,700 (the cost of underwriting and documentation fees, which includes: Appraisal, Credit Report, Environmental Screening Assessment, Inspection Fee and Standard Loan Documentation Fee) credited at closing if the loan funds by 4/15/19. Offer valid for new money loans only and cannot be combined with any other offer. All loans subject to credit approval.