Goal Setter CD

Put your savings on automatic with our Goal Setter CD. An innovative investment vehicle where you make regular deposits into automatically renewable Certificates of Deposit. These regular investments – as low as $20 per month – must be set up with electronic funds transfers from your BankFinancial Checking, Savings, or Money Market accounts, and the initial investment is minimal . . . making this program an ideal choice for those who need a monthly budget approach to get their savings plan started.

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Minimum Opening Deposit


Minimum Daily Balance


Interest Bearing

Yes, tiered

Withdrawal Restrictions

Penalties may be incurred if a withdrawal of the principal is conducted on the CD prior to maturity. Penalties are based on the term of the CD.1

Account Advantages
  • 6 month, 1 year and 2 year terms
  • A weekly, bi-weekly or monthly internal or external automatic transfer of a minimum of $20 is required to be set up at account opening
  • Unlimited deposits of a minimum of $20 can be made throughout the term of the CD
  • Tiered interest rates so higher balances earn more interest
  • Automatic renewal

1.Only interest credited to the CD can be withdrawn at any time prior to maturity without penalty.